A call to action.

My name is Kristina and I am a hairstylist.  

I’ve been part of the hair industry since 2001, a time when giant hair salons were trending downward and flat iron usage was on the rise.  I worked up and down the I-5 corridor before my life settled me back in Tacoma, WA in 2010.  I eventually made my path to Azarra Salon & Wine where I have been pretty contentedly leasing a space and learning the ins and outs of being an independent contractor these past 6 years.  There was a time early in my career where I would never have considered leasing, but circumstances presented this as the perfect solution for me and like many others before me, I began the process of starting my own business within a business.

My experience in the hair industry has shaped who I am today.  I am a better person because of my work.  Everyday I try to put my heart and soul into the processes I perform, everyday I am in an active pursuit to foster and nurture relationships with other human beings and everyday do I touch both physically and emotionally as I share my life with my clients and they share theirs with me.

Life at the salon is pretty amazing and I share my days with a community of talented and driven females whose clients are are also a joy to interact with, making my work life all the more entertaining.

For the money, I would do nothing else.  I love my job.

This sentiment is echoed throughout the hairstyling community.  We are all so passionate about what we do everyday.  What a blessing to be of service in this way to our community and what a privilege it is to have access to minds and hearts of those we serve.

We are the mouthpiece of a city.  We can tell people where to dine, shop, live and work.  We are ambassadors of the community, offering our insight which is generally a semi-well-rounded perspective that blends our unique experiences with that of the individual worlds our clients share with us everyday.  And that, my soon to be comrades, is exactly what makes being a hair professional such an awesome privilege.

 As a collective society we have the ear of the entire city.  Our businesses are information hubs in our communities where we are trusted professionals who speak with authority.  We have the opportunity to use that voice with conviction and create connections that can repair and strengthen the bonds in our communities…kinda like olaplex.  

Let’s start that conversation.  Let’s get together and decide what we can do as a collective effort to better serve our valued guests, each other and the community that houses us all.

From mutual education, public services, charity events, business support and discovering resources already in play, there a lot of ways that we can work together to get involved in the uplifting of a community.

Whether barber, braider, hairstylist, colorist or whatever you call yourself, we all do hair.  United by our love for craft and client, that is our common thread and it will be our superpower.

The Hair Professional Society is a call to action to see what we can create when we put our ever so creative heads together.

It is my hope that hair professionals from all factions of the hair industry will feel compelled to join in this effort to improve our world, one head at a time.

Won’t you join us?

The discussion begins March 2oth, 2017.